Crowdfund the Solar Map!

There are now 6 different types of maps and tools that show how well solar works – but we want to take it further!

We need just $2,500 to map how much PV has been installed in each electorate for a particular state. Our target of $15,000 will allow us to map all of Australia by electorate and make a big contribution to the conversation around solar and the people’s support. 

With more than $15,000, we’ll be able to build extra features on the maps (listed below), including more sites, better branding and communications around the Solar Map.

If you want to support the Solar Map and learn more – go here!

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010616 | 180918

WORKSHOP: Cost-Reflective Pricing – some different perspectives

Wednesday 1st June, AES Conference and Exhibition, Sydney ATP

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040615 | 180918

APVI Workshop on ‘Solar, Storage and New Business Models’, Sydney

Thursday 4th June, AES Conference and Exhibition, Sydney ATP

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