Papers & Presentations

The timetable for Abstracts and the subsequent review process will be made available soon.

Presenters: Please bring your presentations on a USB to the registration desk when you arrive.


  • Timing: 12 minutes for the presentation, 3 mins for Q&A
  • Presentations need to be in Power Point (preferred) or pdf format
  • Minimum font size 14 pt
  • Avoid colours that are difficult to read (yellow)
  • Ensure graph axis labels are legible
  • About one slide per minute is usually appropriate
  • Presenters will be required to submit their presentations at least 2 hours before the advised time.


  • Poster-boards will be available for each poster presenter.
  • The maximum size of a poster is 1.1 m x 1.2m.
  • Example poster templates can be found here – portrait and landscape. Note that you can use these templates but are not obliged to.
  • Adhesive tape/pins will be available for fixing the posters.