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Join PV experts from around the globe and attend the EU PVSEC, the world’s leading forum for PV Research and Development and the biggest Conference on PV Solar Energy worldwide. It covers a wide range of PV topics such as device materials, components and systems, wafering, BIPV, agrivoltaics, floating PV and much more!

This year, the EU PVSEC will be held fully virtual from 6 – 10 September 2021, allowing all international participants to follow a carefully crafted programme, consisting of almost 900 top-level presentations, with just one click. It covers the entire range of PV research, technologies and applications with a special emphasis on the latest scientific, technological and market-related trends, giving participants in-depth insights into what’s happening in the global PV solar energy sector.

31st International PV Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-31)

PVSEC-31 will be held virtually from 13 to 15 December 2021. It will provide an excellent platform for the world’s photovoltaic scientists and engineers to showcase their best and most innovative development in solar photovoltaic technologies. The conference will cover a wide range of topics ranging from fundamentals, new and emerging photovoltaic concepts, industrial solar cells, to the challenges involving integrating an increasing share of photovoltaic electricity in the energy mix.

More information, including abstract submission and registration is available here.