Sustainable transport options

We want to make this year’s APSRC our lowest carbon footprint conference yet. We aren’t going to ask everyone from Perth to take the train, but we do want to highlight a couple of options for those travelling from the East coast. 

Rather than fly from Sydney, there are several options that are almost as quick (and don’t include waiting in airport terminals). 

  • Car pool with other attendees. You can even Hire a Tesla with some colleagues and ride in style!
  • Murrays and Greyhound have very affordable buses between Sydney and Canberra almost every hour. The Jolimont bus terminal is just down Northbourne Ave from the Rex Hotel
  • There are three trains each day between Sydney and Canberra (these are slower than the bus, but there is more space to sit and move around)

There is also a Murrays bus between Melbourne and Canberra (or a train then coach).

Once you arrive in Canberra, you can take the new renewably-powered light rail and pay using a MyWay card, or using a single or daily travel ticket purchased at the light rail stop. Unfortunately the buses aren’t electric just yet, but the ACT Government is working on it!

(many thanks to Anna Nadolny for proving all this information!)