Wal Read Prize!

Wal R Read circa 1990The Australian Solar Council has great pleasure in supporting the APVI and the Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference by presenting the Wal Read Memorial Award for Best Paper and Best Poster to winners chosen from delegates to the conference.

The Wal Read Memorial Award comprises a Certificate of Recognition from the Australian Solar Council, and cash prizes from the Council of $1500 for Best Paper and $500 for Best Poster. The Best Paper will be chosen by the Scientific Committee while the Best Poster will be by the vote of delegates.

The 2016 Winners were …

Best paper: Will Logie (ANU)
“Thermal Elastic Stress in Sodium Receiver Tubes”

Best poster: Gaveshana Sepalage (Monash)
CuSCN as a Hole Transporting Material in Planar CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells and its Implications on J-V hysteresis and Stability

Wal Read joined the CSIRO in Melbourne in the early 1960s, under Roger Morse. He worked on the early solar projects at Muresk and Coober Pedy, The Coober Pedy project was the world’s largest solar project at that time. Wal also managed two early industrial process heat solar demonstration projects: one in Queanbeyan, the other at a South Australian brewery.

Wal became President of ANZSES in 1976 and was an integral part of the history of solar energy development in Australia, leading the solar research team at CSIRO after Roger Morse’s retirement. He also played a key role at the international level, as President of ISES from 1983-85, and Secretary-Treasurer of ISES from 1985-1995.

solarcouncil1In honour of Wal Read’s contribution to our industry the Wal Read Memorial Prize has been presented to the leaders in Australian solar research since the late 1990s.