Side Events 2-6 Dec!

There will be a number of interesting, and free, workshops associated with APSRC 2019.

APSRC 2018 included the following side events.

Three CEEM Workshops on Distributed Energy Tools and Analysis
10am to 4:30pm, Mon 3rd Dec 2018

Tyree Energy Technology Bldg LG03 until 2pm then LG07, UNSW Sydney

We will describe our open source modelling tools, present our findings, and seek feedback from stakeholders about challenges and opportunities and how our tools can be most useful.

  1. Tariff Design and Assessment Tool
  2. PV on Apartment Buildings
  3. Tools for Community Sharing, Trading and Aggregation

More information here, please register for catering purposes.

Australian IEA PVPS & SHC Update
11am to 1pm, Wed 5th Dec 2018
UNSW Sydney, Colombo Theatre C

This Update will include an introduction to the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes, as well as talks on PV recycling and using solar for water management in industry, followed by a panel discussion

More information here.

IEA Technology Collaboration Program for Demand Side Management
9am to 11am, Thurs 6 Dec 2018
UNSW Sydney, Colombo LG01

Australia, through Monash University and UNSW Sydney have re-joined the IEA Technology Collaboration Program for Demand Side Management with funding from ARENA’s Knowledge Sharing Programme. This TCP is to be a world-leading international collaboration platform for policy-relevant socio-technical research on energy use (i.e. demand side). We invite you to join other Australian experts to discuss participation in the TCP and specifically in new tasks, including providing input on how those tasks are formed.

More information here. Please register for catering purposes.

Workshop on High Penetration Variable Renewables in Pacific Island Countries: Small grids and Off-grid
10am to 4.30pm, Fri 7 Dec 2018
UNSW Sydney, Colombo Theatres

The aims of the workshop are to:

  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities of introducing more variable renewable energy into small grid and off grid contexts in the Pacific
  • Hear from a range of invited speakers regarding the status of VRE integration, key challenges and solutions to facilitate high penetration VRE in small grids and improved off grid energy service delivery
  • Identify potential future work to address key issues and themes arising in the discussion

More information here, please register for catering purposes.

ASTRI Workshop 2018
9.00am to ~3.30pm Friday, 7 December 2018
UNSW Sydney, Colombo Theatre B (MAP Colombo Theatre B)

The 2018 ASTRI Workshop will be held in conjunction with APSRC 2018, and is open to ASTRI participants/researchers only.

The purpose of the workshop is for the ASTRI Leadership Team to present an overview of the ASTRI Phase 2 Strategic Direction to the greater ASTRI group. APSRC ASTRI 2018 Workshop Agenda

For catering purposes, if you have replied by calendar invite, please RSVP by email to or text to mobile 0438 027 009 with your name, mobile number and dietary requirements no later than COB Tuesday, 4 December 2018.