The not-for-profit solar savings calculator that shows what solar and batteries can do for you – without giving away your details.

Ready to find out how much you’ll save with solar?

SunSPoT will tell you how much you can save with solar, or solar and a battery.

It does this accurately and reliably by analysing your roof, shading, weather and solar radiation data, and combining these with your electricity usage and billing costs, plus average system costs and rebates.

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Should you buy a battery?

Sunspot can tell you if adding a battery will save you money. If you know the size and power output of the battery, SunSPoT will tell you how much it can save you.

We won’t share your details

SunSPoT will not share your details with sales companies so you won’t get any unexpected phone calls.

SunSPoT was developed by the APVI and UNSW using sophisticated 3D mapping software. It was built specifically to help households and other small energy users navigate the solar sales market with confidence.

Can’t find your place on the map?

SunSPoT is being rolled out to Councils across Australia.

If your home and area are not yet mapped, send a message to your local Council to let them know that you want it.

SunSPoT works with Councils

When Councils partner with SunSPoT they get a customised SunSPoT Council dashboard that provides easy tracking, benchmarking and reporting of solar PV installations and CO2 reductions in the LGA.

SunSPoT also enables easy identification of buildings with high solar potential. And it helps ratepayers research and invest in solar with confidence.

If you work with a Council and would like to know more, contact us.

Above: The Inner West Council’s video explaining SunSPoT to businesses in the Inner West LGA.

SunSPoT and APVI

SunSPoT has been created to help homeowners, businesses and other energy users understand their savings, costs and benefits of solar PV specific to their property and energy usage, without a hard sell or misleading claims.

SunSPoT was built for APVI by UNSW Sydney. The APVI is a non-profit that works to support the increased development and use of solar power through research, analysis and information.

SunSPoT relies on spatial data and weather data to calculate solar radiation on a roof surface, accounting for the tilt and orientation of the roof, and the shading impacts of surrounding businesses and vegetation.

SunSPoT uses sophisticated machine learning methods to estimate electricity consumption and understand solar savings for households without smart meter data.

Find more information about APVI and the methodology behind SunSPoT here.

SunSPoT’s accuracy

Although we’ve made every attempt to ensure the results from this tool are as accurate as possible, it is important to understand that they are only estimates.

The results are reliant upon the underlying mapping and solar radiation data that we are provided, and the modelling for solar generation is based on an average year.

The system costs are drawn from Solar Choice’s PV Price Index.

The financial savings are initially based on average load profiles and indicative tariffs. You can improve the accuracy of your results by adding in more information about your electricity consumption and tariffs, but they will still be estimates.

If you include a battery it will be modelled only to minimise export to the grid and import from the grid, and so will not reflect how a battery could operate with complex tariffs such as time of use (TOU).