Concentrating Solar Thermal & Process Heat and Chemistry

This stream runs in parallel with the other streams as part of the APSRC. Registration for this stream allows full access to all Conference streams and side events.

This stream covers the following topics:

  • Fundamentals & Components
  • Storage, systems & power cycles
  • CSP integration, design & modelling
  • CSP & high temperature processing
  • Heat Storage
  • Hybrids, complementary solutions and discrete applications
  • Fuels and chemicals from electricity and heat
  • Energy for heavy industry

This stream is a platform for researchers, academics, and professionals to come together and present and discuss their latest research, innovations, and achievements in the field of solar thermal technology. Attendees can look forward to an engaging program that will feature discussions, presentations, and workshops on the latest advancements and applications in solar thermal energy. The event promises to be an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts to connect, network, and learn from leading experts in the field. Attendees can expect engaging presentations and interactive sessions facilitated by leading experts in the field.

Stream Leader:
Wil Gardner: Team Leader – Solar Thermal Engineering, CSIRO Energy, Solar Technologies