The APVI (Australian Photovoltaics Institute) has released the “PV in Australia” report for 2022 .

Australia continues to hold a world leading position in solar deployment and integration. By the end of 2022 Australia had reached 30GW of installed capacity, giving the country a world-leading installation rate of 1.2kW of solar per person.

In 2022 commercial and industrial rooftop installations exceeded residential installations for the first time – with 1.35GW of installs on residential roofs and an impressive 1.47GW on commercial and industrial roofs.

Despite world leading per-capita installed solar, new residential rooftop additions have dropped 23% and utility scale installs have dropped 20% since 2021. Ongoing falls in utility scale installations can largely be attributed to the end of the large-scale systems support in 2020 under the Commonwealth Government’s support for Large Scale Solar under the Renewable Energy Target.

The full media release is here