What is the Australian PV Institute?

The Australian PV Institute is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation providing data analysis, reliable and objective information, and collaborative research to support the development and uptake of solar photovoltaics and related technologies.

APVI members are organisations and individuals from industry and academia with an interest in solar energy research, technology, manufacturing, systems, policies, programs and projects.

Participation in APVI activities is on the basis of subscriptions or sponsorship of research and events. Benefits include regular events and newsletters, access to data, networking and opportunities to work with local and international PV experts on submissions, reports and research projects.

In conjunction with academia, governments and industry, APVI develops high quality solar analysis tools. In addition to Australian activities, we provide the structure through which Australia participates in two International Energy Agency (IEA) programs.

Our work is intended to be apolitical and of use not only to our members but also to the general community. We focus on data analysis, independent and balanced information, and collaborative research, both nationally and internationally.

For how to join the APVI, and the costs of joining, go here.

APVI is a not for profit company, limited by guarantee.

Board members

  • Chris Fell, CSIRO (Chair)
  • Annie Ngo, ITP Renewables
  • Ken Guthrie, Sustainable Energy Transformation
  • Linda Koschier
  • Mike Roberts, UNSW

Other Office Bearers

  • Secretary: Renate Egan, UNSW
  • Treasurer: Robert Passey, UNSW / ITP Renewables
  • Public Officer: Igor Skryabin, ANU

Solar Maps Team

  • Project Leader: Anna Bruce
  • SunSPoT Development and Data Analytics: Jessie Copper
  • Solar Maps Development and Data Analytics: Navid Haghdadi
  • Project Support: Rob Passey and Mike Roberts
  • Council Liaison: Alison Potter (and Utkarshaa Varshney)

Data Processing and Technical Support (UNSW): Phoebe Heywood, Zubair Abdullah-Vetter, Elise Caton, Mohammad Dehghanimadvar, Siddharth Nair, Ashleigh Nicholls, Charles Ramsden