WORKSHOP: Cost-Reflective Pricing – some different perspectives

Wednesday 1st June

AES Conference and Exhibition, Sydney ATP

This workshop was held as part of the AES Conference and Exhibition and was a great success – especially judging by the enthusiasm of the discussion! The presentations are below.

12:30 Lunch

1:15  Welcome. Renate Egan, Chair of the Australian PV Institute

1:30  Developments in Electricity Pricing and implications for PVBill Nixey, IES Advisory

2:00 (Re)designing cost-reflective tariffs. Rob Passey, APVI, UNSW, IT Power

2:30 Should network tariffs be cost reflective or value reflective? Mervyn Davies

3:00 Afternoon Tea

3:30  Cost reflective pricing – panacea, pandora’s box, predicament or phantasyIain MacGill, CEEM UNSW

4:00 Impacts of cost-reflective pricing on the economics of battery storageDavid Blowers, Grattan Institute

4:30 Cost reflective pricing: Residential Consumers’ Perspective, Kristal Burry, Public Interest Advocacy Centre


APVI Workshop on ‘Solar, Storage and New Business Models’, Sydney

Thursday 4th June

AES Conference and Exhibition, Sydney ATP

This workshop was held as part of the AES Conference and Exhibition and was sold out with a few extras squeezed in at the last minute. The presentations are below.

Survey and Perspectives for PV in Australia’, Warwick Johnson (Sunwiz)

‘Solar Map, Forecasting and Storage’, Anna Bruce (UNSW)

Grid Connected Storage Solutions Available Now’, Scott Partlin (SMA Australia)

Cost-Reflective Pricing and its Impact on Storage‘, Rob Passey (UNSW, IT Power)

‘New Business Models for Utilities Arising from Opportunities in Solar and Storage’, Paul Fox (AGL New Energy


Storage solutions and the future of the electricity grid

Wednesday 5th March

Brisbane Conference & Convention Centre

This workshop was held as part of International Battery Association 2014:

Delegates who registered for this afternoon workshop also had access to both the morning and afternoon sessions of the IBA conference.

The workshop presentations are available to APVI members for $27.50, and  for non-members for $55.


  • 2:00pm Muriel Watt (APVI Chair) – Introduction to the APVI
  • 2:15pm Jonathan Pye (GSES) – What electricity customers are currently doing with storage; why and where might this be headed?
  • 2:45pm Michelle Taylor (Ergon Energy) – What aspects of storage are electricity utilities interested in for better grid management?
  • 3:15pm Discussion & Afternoon Tea
  • 3:45pm Adrian Ho (SMA-Australia) – Grid Connected Storage, Solutions already available right here, right now
  • 4:15pm Graeme Bell (Hybrid Energy Consulting) – Assessing and valuing the various approaches to incorporating storage in the grid.
  • 4:45pm Discussion & Drinks

GSES_R-standard    Major sponsor Global Sustainable Energy Solutions

Associate sponsor Ergon Energy; supporting partner SMA-Australia


Workshop: PV and the electricity grid – overcoming the growing pains

Tuesday 26th November


This workshop presented the results to date of the International Energy Agency PV Power Systems Program’s Task 14 on High Penetration of PV Systems in Electricity Grids. It considered the findings in the Australian context and formed part of Australia’s involvement in this Task. It was on 26 Nov, 2013, at the Law Theatre, University of NSW, Kensington.

The agenda can be found here, and the presentations are below.

–   “Welcome and background”, by Iain MacGill

–   “Update on ARENA’s activities”, by Lara Olsen, General Manager Strategy, ARENA

–   “The IEA PVPS High Penetration Task”, by Christoph Mayr, Roland Brundlinger, AIT

–   “Utility experiences with high penetration – Australian survey results”, by Ben Noone, CEEM, UNSW

–   “Magnetic Island – An Australian case study”, by Anna Bruce (SPREE, UNSW) and Dean Condon (Ergon Energy)

–   “Addressing issues created by high PV penetration at inverter level”, by Andros Cadavid, SMA Australia

–   “High penetration in the European context”, by Manoel Rekinger, EPIA, EU

–   “High PV in local distribution grids and update on PV in Germany”, by Dr Thomas Stetz, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany

–   “Overview of grid integration research in the USA”, by Barry Mather, NREL, USA

–   “Smart inverter technology for high PV penetration”, by Mr Roland Bruendlinger, AIT, Austria.

2013 Research Review

Monday 25th November


The APVI held its annual Research Review on 25th November 2013. The Research Review covered IEA PVPS and SHC activities as well as presentations on the latest APVI research projects. The agenda can be found here.


1.  2013 APVI Research Review Introduction

2.  IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme

3.  IEA PV Power Systems Programme

4.  Climate Based PV Performance & Reliability

5.  High Penetration PV in Electricity Grids

6.  Distributed Energy Market Options

7.  An Interactive Australian PV Map

8. Impacts of AC, PV and Other Technologies on Consumer Costs




Consumers, Utilities and a Distributed Energy Market

Friday 19th July

ANU Canberra

19th July 2013, ANU, Canberra – This APVA event, supported by ARENA and IT Power, provided the latest CSIRO research about consumer interest in PV, PV+batteries and energy efficiency. APVA also presented findings on utility revenue, government and utility responses to this and alternative proposals to enable sustainable uptake of PV and energy efficiency.

DE Market in USA & Mexico
Focus Group and Survey Responses
Regulatory Arrangements for a DE Market
Responses by Utilities & Regulators

Building Integrated PV Workshop: Piecing together the BIPV puzzle

Friday 7th June

Bond University

This event – organised by the APVA and hosted by Bond University and Tractile –  provided the latest information about the BIPV market sector, and discuss how to raise its profile throughout Australia.

The workshop presentations are available to APVI members for free in the members only section, and available for non-members for $55.


10.55am Welcome to workshop and introduction to Bond University – Prof George Earl, Dean of the Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture, Bond University

11:15am APVA overview and update on the international and Australian PV markets – Dr Muriel Watt, Chair APVA, Executive Committee member IEA PVPS Program

11:45am The role of solar power and buildings to deliver low carbon living – Assoc Prof Alistair Sproul, Low Carbon Buildings CRC

12:15pm PV building integration – an architect’s perspective – Peter Gardiner, Managing Director, Peddle Thorp Architects

12:45pm Light lunch (provided) 1:30pm TRACTILE roof integrated innovation for Australian buildings – Jason Perkins, CEO TRACTILE

2:00pm Identifying and removing the complex integration barriers for BIPV – Matthew Sullivan, Technical Advice Specialist, Moreland Energy Foundation

2:30pm BIPV – International experiences and opportunities for Australia – Dr Mark Snow, Research Fellow, UNSW

3:00pm Discussion – What is holding back the BIPV market in Australia? – What could be done to accelerate development of this important market?

3:30pm Close of workshop

3:45pm Tour of Bond University facilities


AuSES conference 2011 – APVA Session

Saturday 1st December

Australian technology Park

Presentations & Program

3:30 pm: Dr Muriel Watt, Chair, Australian PV Association  
3:50 pm:  Dr. Iain MacGill, CEEM, UNSW
4:10 pm: Graham Mills, CEEM, UNSW
Grid Parity modelling [.pdf 716kB]
4:30 pm: Dr. Rob Passey, CEEM, UNSW
4:50 pm: Dr. Mark Snow, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW


APVA 2012 Research Project Presentations

Friday 30th November


APVA 2012 Research Summaries

Dr. Muriel Watt, Chair, Australian PV Association  
Dr. Muriel Watt, Chair, Australian PV Association  
Dr. Anna Bruce, SPREE, UNSW
Assoc. Prof. Iain MacGill, CEEM, UNSW
Dr. Rob Passey, IT Power (Australia)
Customer and Utility Attitudes to PV
Dr. Mark Snow, SPREE, UNSW
Dr. Muriel Watt
Developing a Central Australian Solar Centre

PV Utility Workshop – 2nd Grid Integration of PV event

Friday 20th April

Rydges, Perth, Western Australia

Presentations & Program

Denis Smedley, CEO, Australian PV Association  
Wilf Johnston, Manager Commercial Projects, SunPower Corporation Australia
Nicole Ghiotto, First Solar,
The PV Industry Perspective:
Rodger Whitby, Ingenero
Anna Bruce, UNSW
The Networks Perspective:
James Darbyshire & Dave Edwards, Horizon Power
Integration issues and solutions in Australian Networks – Carnarvon [not currently available]
Discussion – Minimising PV problems