High Penetration of PV Systems in Electricity Grids

The main goals of Task 14 are to promote the use of grid-connected PV as an important source in electric power systems and to reduce the technical barriers to achieving high penetration levels of distributed renewable systems.

Australian Lead

Iain Macgill


Dr Iain MacGill is an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at UNSW Australia, and Joint Director (Engineering) for the University’s Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM). CEEM undertakes interdisciplinary, collaborative, research in the monitoring, analysis and design of energy markets and their associated policy frameworks, with a particular focus on the Australian National Electricity Market. It brings together UNSW researchers from the Faculties of Engineering, Business, Science, Law and Arts and Social Sciences.

Iain leads work in two of CEEM’s three research areas, Sustainable Energy Transformation, including energy futures modelling and renewable energy integration; and Distributed Energy Systems including distributed generation, energy efficiency and demand-side participation. He leads Australian participation in PVPS Task 14 on high PV penetrations in the grid.

Australian Contributors

Niraj Lal


Dr Niraj Lal is a Principal Policy Advisor with the Victorian Government and Chair of the Australian State and Territory Governments Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Working Group, as well as an ABC TV Presenter and Visiting Fellow with the Australian National University Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems.  He graduated with a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar in 2012 and his interests include policy options for DER to support resilience and system security in future deep decarbonisation scenarios with high DER penetration.

Niraj is representing Australia on PVPS Task 14, High Penetration of PV Systems in Electricity Grids.

Anna Bruce


Dr Anna Bruce is a senior lecturer in the school of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW, and Research Coordinator (Engineering) at the Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) at UNSW Sydney. She leads CEEM’s research theme in Distributed energy systems including ‘smart grids’ and ‘smart’ homes, distributed generation and demand-side participation. Her research focuses on modelling, analysis and integration of renewable energy and distributed energy resources into electricity industries; energy access in developing countries; and energy policy and regulation.

Anna is an Australian expert on the International Energy Agency’s PV Power Systems programme Task 18 (Off Grid Access to Energy), Task 14 (High Penetration PV), is funded to contribute to Australia’s participation in Mission Innovation Challenge 2 on Off-Grid Access to Electricity, and leads the Australian PV Institute’s Solar Mapping project.