Enabling Framework for the Development of Building-Integrated PV

The objective of Task 15 is to create an enabling framework to accelerate the penetration of Building Integrated PV (BIPV) products in the global renewables market.

Australian Lead

Rebecca Yang


Senior lecturer and Director of the Solar Energy Application Laboratory (SEAL) in the School of Property Construction and Project Management at RMIT University. RMIT SEAL undertakes applied research to enable the integration of solar energy in buildings and suburbans.

Rebecca is an Australia expert in the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme Task 15 Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), leads the subtask on “BIPV Digitalisation”, and participates in the other three subtasks on “Cross-sectional analysis – learning from existing BIPV installations”, “BIPV Guidelines” and “Pre-normative international research on BIPV characterisation methods”. Rebecca is also the Australian lead on the Solar Heating and Cooling Task 59; Solar Energy Buildings.

Australian Contributors

Mark Snow


Mark Snow has over 15 years expertise in Building integrated PV (BIPV) applications and building energy solutions and is co-author of the international publication “Designing with Solar Power”. He has worked on numerous International Energy Agency (IEA) task activities on solar energy and buildings as an Australian expert and is currently participating in Task 63 (Solar Neighbourhood Planning) and supports input to Task 15 (Enabling Framework for the Development of Building-Integrated PV).

Mark currently operates out of Canberra as a research consultant following over 10 years as a Research Fellow at the School of PV and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE) at UNSW.