The APVI today announced that it has released the findings of its Silicon to Solar (S2S) study.

The study examined the opportunity for Australia to establish viable, relevant, and timely local manufacturing along the solar PV supply chain. This spanned the production stages of poly-silicon, ingots/wafers, cells, and modules.

“The ‘Silicon to Solar’ study compares manufacturing costs in China and Australia for current state-of-the-art technology and explores ways of overcoming cost gaps in each manufacturing stage. It then presents a Roadmap for developing a PV manufacturing value chain in Australia over time, along with policy levers which can be used to facilitate this”.

The APVI undertook the study in partnership with the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP) and with assistance from Bright Dimension, ITP Renewables and Deloitte Financial Services. Advisory Board members with extensive experience in PV manufacturing and industry development have guided the work: Mark Twidell, Mark Bonnar and David Jordan. Funding was provided by ARENA, with industry contributions from AGL, AspiraDAC, Siemens, Energus, SunDrive, 5B, and Tindo Solar.

The Full Media Release is available here.