Low Carbon, High Comfort Integrated Lighting

Task 70 aims to widen the rating perspective of lighting solutions in the context of decarbonisation and energy efficiency. The energy demand for lighting can be drastically reduced by the combined effect of more efficient light sources, advances in controls and raised awareness about the integration of daylighting and electric lighting. The task will continue work in the field of digital data and advanced functional models right up to automatic planning and improving the digital twin of the whole lighting value chain.

Australian Lead

Veronica Garcia-Hansen


Dr. Garcia-Hansen is an international recognized researcher with almost 20 years of experience in the area of climate responsive buildings, specifically lighting research. She works at the intersection of building science, ergonomics, environmental psychology and health. Dr. Garcia-Hansen research focuses is on the interplay between building performance, people’s comfort (visual and thermal) and well-being. She has over 55 publications in the area including top journal articles and peer review conferences papers.

She is the Australia representative for the CIE (Commission International of Illumination) Division 3: Interior Environment and Lighting Design representative for Australia, and the International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar heating and Cooling (SHC) Technical collaboration program IEA SHC Task 70: Low Carbon, High Comfort Integrated Lighting. Veronica has previously worked on “IEA task 61 Integrated Solutions for Daylight and electric Lighting”, Subtask D, Lab and field study performance tracking.

Australian Contributors