The APVI is pleased to announce that the 2023 APSRC on the 5th to the 7th Dec at RMIT in Melbourne was a great success! 

The Conference General Information Sheet is available.

THE FINAL PROGRAM IS AVAILABLE and can be downloaded as below.

Downloadable pdf version – provides an overview of the entire program and is printable (updated 6 Dec 2023).
Web version – is similar to the pdf version but includes links to many of the abstracts.
Mobile version – is the same as the Web version but is suitable for a mobile phone.

The floor plans for the conference venue are available below:

The APSRC provides a regional forum for communicating research outcomes covering all aspects of solar-related research: PV devices, concentrating solar thermal, deployment & integration, solar heating & cooling as well as solar fuels and chemistry. With the theme of information, communication and integration, the conference provides a great opportunity for young researchers and professionals to share knowledge and network with the region’s leading innovators from industry and research institutions. 

The conference also provided a unique opportunity to combine the annual research reviews of Australia’s key solar research groups, representing researchers from around the region.

Academic Streams
The Conference was arranged into four streams where presenters submitted peer-reviewed extended abstracts.

  1. Photovoltaic Devices
  2. Renewable Energy Deployment & Integration
  3. Solar Buildings and Solar Heating & Cooling
  4. Concentrating Solar Thermal & Process Heat and Chemistry

Workshop Sessions
There were also a series of Workshop Sessions with more of an industry focus, and where speakers were invited. A description of each Workshop Session is here.

  1. Solar hot water & Task meeting
  2. PV for Zero Emission buildings in 2050
  3. Solar Energy in the Water industry
  4. PV forecasting and firm power
  5. PV recycling/Circular economy
  6. Building Integrated PV
  7. Space PV
  8. Vehicle Integrated PV
  9. Community batteries and community microgrid
  10. Agri-PV
  11. PV Manufacturing

Poster Session & networking events were also incorporated, covering all the research topics above, and provided an opportunity for solar researchers in the Region to meet and exchange ideas. Posters were on display at dedicated sessions during the conference.

There was also be limited financial assistance available for students who required it.