Plenary Speakers Presentations

Note that not all the plenary speakers presentations have been provided.

Day 1

Martin Green, “The Future of Photovoltaics” (1.6 Mb)

Daniel Mugnier, “Innovative Solar PV Cooling Concepts and Use” (6.1 Mb)

Melissa Pang, “ARENA’s Role in Accelerating Australia’s Uptake of Solar Energy” (2.2 Mb)

Day 2

Kylie Catchpole, “High Efficiency Photovoltaics for Electricity and Hydrogen” (6.3 Mb)

Keith Lovegrove, “Renewable Energy Options for Industrial Process Heat” (6.3 Mb)

Ramteen Sioshansi, “Challenges and Opportunities for Solar Deployment and Integration” (0.8 Mb)