The APVI works with its members to produce video material on the solar industry in Australia – to promote the industry both in Australia and internationally.

The video “Australia’s Bright Solar Future” was released in December 2014 at the national APVI Solar Research Conference. This 11 minute video features some of the leading professionals and industry players in the Australian solar industry and provides an update of the current status of the industry, highlights the strengths of the solar industry in Australia and gives a perspective on where the industry is headed.

Short version

Long version

The “Australia’s Bright Solar Future” video was produced by the Australian PV Institute (APVI) with the support of  the Australian Centre for Advanced PV at UNSW, the Energy Change Institute at ANU, Energy Matters/SunEdison, Global Change Institute UQ, IT Power Australia, SMA, Suntech and Daniel Ruoss of Canadian Solar.