The APVI (Australian Photovoltaics Institute) has released the “PV in Australia” report for 2021, with comprehensive analysis showing Australia maintains a leadership position in solar deployment and integration. Impressive growth saw the installed capacity at the end of 2021 reaching 26 GW, meaning Australia reached a world leading installation rate of over 1 kW of solar per person. Ongoing installations means, by mid-2022, we have at least 27GW installed.

The Australian PV market grew in both utility scale and rooftop installs, with a new benchmark of 4.9 GW of new solar registered over the calendar year 2021. Additional annual rooftop installs on residential, commercial, and industrial roofs exceeded 3 GW, with 1.7 GW on residential roofs and 1.3 GW on commercial and industrial roofs. New centralised, utility scale solar connections remain stable at around 1.7 GW annual installs, off a high of 2.4 GW in 2019.

The full media release is available here, and the 2021 report can be found here