Solar is positioned to be a global strategic energy source, delivering low-cost, easily deployed, distributed generation and offering significant economic benefits to Australia, with an abundant solar resource.

Despite producing many raw materials used in the solar photovoltaics (PV) value chain, owning significant portions of the world’s PV intellectual property and having a strong and consistent demand, Australia is almost totally reliant on imported PV products and balance of system components.

Without action, Australia can expect to see the lack of PV supply chain diversity as a security risk, as well as a significant loss of economic opportunity.

Australia is already a leader in solar energy supply, delivering some of the cheapest energy prices and highest penetration of rooftop systems for residential consumers globally.

Australia has high aspirations regarding the production of green hydrogen, green steel and other materials manufactured using green energy.

Any green energy in Australia will be predominantly solar power and, unless Australia gains some control over the PV value chain, the success of these substantial industrial shifts within Australia will be completely dependent on foreign powers.

We have a pressing need, we have the natural resources, and we have a very sizeable market. Now is the time for Australia to invest in the independence of our energy supply.

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