This workshop was held as part of the AES Conference and Exhibition and was a great success – especially judging by the enthusiasm of the discussion! The presentations are below.

12:30 Lunch

1:15  Welcome. Renate Egan, Chair of the Australian PV Institute

1:30  Developments in Electricity Pricing and implications for PVBill Nixey, IES Advisory

2:00 (Re)designing cost-reflective tariffs. Rob Passey, APVI, UNSW, IT Power

2:30 Should network tariffs be cost reflective or value reflective? Mervyn Davies

3:00 Afternoon Tea

3:30  Cost reflective pricing – panacea, pandora’s box, predicament or phantasyIain MacGill, CEEM UNSW

4:00 Impacts of cost-reflective pricing on the economics of battery storageDavid Blowers, Grattan Institute

4:30 Cost reflective pricing: Residential Consumers’ Perspective, Kristal Burry, Public Interest Advocacy Centre