Research by UNSW and APVI shows there is a lead role for AFL, cricket and soccer clubs, associations and national governing organisations to play
in mitigating the impacts of climate change in Australia.

Key findings:

  • The analysis identified the potential to generate an estimated 20,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean energy by installing solar panels on the roof areas of state and league stadia and headquarters.
  • This would be enough energy to power 2,890 average households and avoid 310 kilotonnes of C02 equivalent over 20 years.
  • Installing solar panels on cricket, soccer and Australian Football League (AFL) stadiums and headquarters across the country could generate an estimated 92 job-years, at an approximate cost of $16m.
  • In the long term, by going solar the sports could save a combined total of approximately $3.7m annually.
  • A high-level assessment of regional and community clubs across the sports suggests they could support solar generation of 100,000 MWh each year.

The Summary Report can be found here. More detailed reports are available.

Solar Soccer report

Solar Cricket report

Solar AFL report