Tue, Jan 28, 2020 11:00 PM – Wed, Jan 29, 2020 12:30 AM AEDT

The International Solar Energy Society is pleased to host the first webinar of the IEA SHC Solar Academy Solar Academy for 2020 on the IEA SHC Task 59: Renovating Historic Buildings towards Zero Energy.

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Task 59 addresses the renovation of historic buildings, increasing their comfort whilst significantly bringing down the buildings energy demand and CO2 emissions as well as keeping their characteristic values. Given the unique character of each of the buildings, a “standard solution” to fit every case cannot be identified, yet Task 59 combines considerable experience on specific cases available, which need to be evaluated, exploited and promoted.

In this webinar, five speakers will guide you through real world renovation experiences – by building owners and design teams, who express their needs, concerns and experiences and the Task 59 experts who introduce the diverse tools which can help you in the decision and design process of an exemplary historic building energy retrofit project.

– Alexandra Troi: Task 59 Operating Agent

– Walter Hüttler: Lead of Task 59 Subtask A introducing the Historic Building Energy Retrofit Atlas

– Tor Broström: Lead of Task 59 Subtask B introducing the decision making processes following EN 16883 on sustainably improving the energy performance of historic buildings

– Pavel Sevela: Lead of Task 59 Subtask C introducing tools for the renovation decision making process

– Daniel Herrera: Presenting the case study of the renovation of the Rainhof in South Tyrol/Italy 

Q/A session where attendees can submit their questions to the speakers.

The webinar is organized by the Solar Academy of the IEA SHC Programme and hosted by ISES, the International Solar Energy Society – the webinar presentations as well as the recording will be made available on both the IEA SHC and the ISES website after the webinar.