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Solar Heating is the provision of heat for buildings, agriculture and industry via technologies that harness solar energy. Applications and forms of solar heating include:

1. Solar district heating (heating communities and cities) 2. Solar industrial heating
3. Solar swimming pool heating
4. Solar air heating systems
5. Hybrid systems for heat and electricity (PV Thermal)

Cumulative worldwide solar thermal capacity has grown from 62 GW in 2000 to in 2020, corresponding to 715 million m2 of collector area. The annual energy yield has grown from 51 TWh in 2000, to 407 TWh in 2020. The global market shrank by 4% in 2020 compared to 2019, mainly the result of shrinking markets in China, the USA, India, and Australia. Notably, the market has seen cannibalisation by the increased use of Photovoltiacs by decision-makers.

Australia is a Top 10 market for solar heating, both in total collector area installed, and on a per capita basis.