Proceedings APSRC 2018

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2018 APSRC Program

Papers were presented at the APSRC 2018 as either a poster or an oral. Some were submitted as full peer reviewed papers and some only as abstracts.

For each Stream, the following firstly lists the abstracts then the full peer reviewed papers, all sorted alphabetically by lead author. Where available, the presentation or poster pdf is also provided. You can look through the program to find papers you are interested in, then download them from the author list below.

They are being added as they become available from the peer-review process.

Note that the Plenary Speaker presentations can be found here.

Stream – Photovoltaic Devices
Bedin, C. PID Detection in Crystalline Silicon Modules Using Low-Cost Electroluminescence Images in the Field PDF
Bing, J.The impact of dynamic two-step solution process on film formation of Cs0.15(MA0.7FA0.3)0.85PbI3 perovskite and solar cell performancePDF
Bhoopathy, R.Photoluminescence imaging of field deployed modules using contactless switching 
Canil, L.Hydrophobic Self-Assembling Monolayers for Stable Perovskite Solar Cells 
Chang, N.Techno-economic analysis based on demonstrated silicon perovskite tandem cells 
Chen, B.Imaging bandgaps of perovskite solar cells with luminescence 
Chen, D.Record Voltages using Commercial-grade Silicon Wafers: An Assessment of the Impacts of Defect Engineering for p-type Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells 
Chen, D.New Insights into Hydrogen Induced Degradation: A study on n- and p-type Silicon 
Conibeer, G.Multiple Quantum Wells as Slowed Hot Carrier Cooling Absorbers in Hot Carrier CellsPDF
Cook, A.Detailed Investigation of Pyridine Passivation for Perovskite Solar Cells  PDF
Cui, H.Semi-Transparent Bifacial SnS Solar Cell 
Cui, X.Defect and heterojunction engineering in CZTS solar cells by nanoscale atomic layer deposited aluminium oxide 
Dagar, J.Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells for Light Harvesting under Indoor Illumination via Solution Processed Composite Electron Transport Layers 
Davies, K.Module Cover Surface Emissivity – Operating Temperature and Efficiency Effects 
Ekins-Daukes, N.Demonstrating a Metallic Hot Carrier Solar Cell 
Ernst, M.Implications of Local Contact Size on Contact Resistivity and RecombinationPDF
Fong, K.C.In-situ Low Pressure Thermal Oxidation for Polysilicon Passivated ContactsPDF
Gao, Y.MgCl2 Passivated ZnO Electron Transporting Layer to Improve PbS Quantum Dot Solar Cells 
Ghasemi, M.Improving film quality of a bismuth perovskite variant by investigating the role of organic cation into the film morphology 
Hongliang, G.Coupling effects in multijunction solar cells 
Huang, Z.Transparent MnS Solar Cell 
Jaseinak, J.Semi-Transparent Perovskite Solar Cells 
Kampwerth, H.Novel PV device characterisation using biased photothermal deflection spectroscopy 
Khoo, K.Investigation of Al2O3 capping layers on MoOx and NiOx Passivating contacts via atomic layer deposition 
Kim, M.Thermally Induced- and Passivated- Meta-stable Defects in Mono-Crystalline Silicon By Rapid Firing Processes 
Lau, C.Enhanced Performance via Partial Lead Replacement by Calcium for CsPbb Perovskite Solar Cell 
Lee, C.Evaluating Non-Pyrophoric Aluminium Precursor for Industrial Application on Silicon Solar Cells 
Li, B.Microstructural Control of Hybrid and Inorganic Lead Perovskites Using Sequential Deposition 
Li, C.Optical optimization for III-V//Si multijunction solar cellsPDF
Liang, W.TMAH based highly reproducible c-Si texturing 
Liu, S.Acceleration and Mitigation of Hydrogen Induced Degradation in p-type Cast-mono Silicon 
Lunardi, M.Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of End-Of-Life Silicon Solar ModulesPDF
Mulmudi, H.Probing mechanical reliability of perovskite and two-terminal silicon/perovskite tandem solar cells using cross-sectional nanoindentation. 
Munir, R.Perovskite Thin Film Formation: An In Situ Investigation of Scalable Processes 
Nguyen, H.Probing photo-induced carrier recycling from doped-poly silicon with luminescence spectroscopyPDF
Park, N.Development of Al2O3 thin film on polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) using thermal atomic layer deposition and its application to improve the stability of organic- inorganic solar cells 
Peng, J.High Open-Circuit Voltage Perovskite Solar Cells: Role of Surface PassivationPDF
Pillai, S.Contactless Photoconductivity Measurements for Photovoltaic Materials and Interfaces 
Poduval, G.Simulating the role of novel transparent conductive oxides for heterojunction solar cells
Puthen Veetil, BPhotothermal Deflection Spectroscopy (PDS) for PV material characterisation 
Qian, J.The Impact of Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Module Design on Hot-Spot TemperaturePDF
Sang, B.Thermal Stability of Atomic Layer Deposited Nb2O5 Layer as Electron-selective Contacts on c-Si Solar CellsPDF
Shi, L.Durability Testing and Post-fabrication Processing of Organic/inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells 
Sugiyama, M. III-V semiconductor quantum well and wire structures for boosting the efficiency of solar cells PDF
Sun, H.Solution-processed ultra-thin SnO2 passivation of Cu2ZnSnS4/CdS heterointerface and Cu2ZnSnS4 grain boundaries for kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells 
Sun, K.Efficiency improvement of Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cell by optimizing the interface chemistry 
Tabari-Saadi, Y.Chemical processed AgBiS2 deposition as an absorber layer for high performance solar cell applicationPDF
Teh, Z.Optimization of PbS Quantum Dot Hole Transport Layer Using Hybrid Ligand Treatment 
Tejaswi, S.Recycling of Photovoltaic Modules in Australia: An Analysis of Viability and Potential Value 
Varshney, U.Studying Degradation in Multicrystalline Silicon by Modulating the Thickness of Dielectric layer 
Walter, D.Explaining transient behaviour in perovskite solar cells through the interaction between mobile ions and SRH recombination 
Wang, J.Facile Recrystallization Process for Efficient Triple-Cation Mixed-Halide Planar- Structure Perovskite Solar Cells 
Wang, S.Advanced Calibration and Application of Quartz Crystal Microbalance in Atomic Layer Deposition 
Wu, N.Understanding the Efficiency Limits of Perovskite Solar CellsPDF
Wu, Y.A Step by Step Optimisation of c-Si Bottom Cell in Perovskite/c-Si Tandem DevicesPDF
Xue, C.Aiming for a “Flexible PV+” Future: Development of Kesterite Solar Cells on Flexible Stainless Steel Substrate in UNSW 
Yun, J.Properties of Ferroic Domains in Metal Halide Perovskites 
Zafirovska, I.Powerful Characterisation of Photovoltaic Modules using Line Scan Luminescence ImagingPDF
Zhang, M. Efficient 1 cm2 mesoscopic perovskite solar cell on ITO substratePDF
Zhang, T.Thermally Stable Hole-Selective Zn-doped NiOx Deposited onto Crystalline Silicon 
Zhang, X.Experimental results on c-Si PV module delamination using a thermal processPDF
Zhang, X.Assessment of different chemical compounds for EVA delaminationPDF
Zhang, Y.Controllable Growth of MoSe2 in Kesterite Solar Cells 
Zheng, J.Large area efficient interface layer free monolithic perovskite/homo-junction-silicon tandem solar cell 
Zuo, C.Self-formed Two-dimensional Perovskite Films for 2D Perovskite Solar CellsPDF
Stream – Solar Deployment and Integration
Peer Reviewed Papers
Author Title Presentation                                           
Andrews, H. Evaluating Fog Detection Using Himawari-8 Satellite Imagery and Bispectral Image Processing PDF
Azuatalam, D. Techno-economic Analysis of Residential PV Battery Self Consumption PDF
Banks, E. Sharing Benefits in Community Embedded Networks with Renewable Energy  
Boyle, K. Utility Scale Storage Performance and Opportunities in the FCAS Regulation Market PDF
Broese van Groenou, A. Household Decision-Making for Home Batteries  
Chapman, A. Orchestration is necessary to maximise embedded PV-battery and network value  
Chester, L. New Forms of Solar PV Provisioning Needed to Advance Energy Justice for Lower Income Households PDF
Copper, J. Comparison of Annual Global Horizontal Irradiation Maps for Australia PDF
Gorman, N. NEMOSIS – NEM Open Source Information Service; open-source access to Australian National Electricity Market Data PDF
Guerrero, J.. Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading: A Case Study Considering Network Constraints PDF
Gunarathna, C. A Comprehensive Review on the Cost Reduction and Uptake of BIPV through the Integration of PV and Prefabricated Building Industries PDF
Herteleer, B. Renewable Power and Energy Fractions Revisited: Insights from ARENA’s RAR Portfolio PDF
Roberts, M. Analysis of Rooftop Solar Potential on Australian Residential Buildings  
Rehman, N. Diffuse Solar Potential of Facades in an Urban Context under Different Sky Conditions  

Ma, Y.

Optimal Investment Strategy in Grid-Scale Energy Storage Systems

Munro, P. Factors Driving Rapid Photovoltaic Uptake in Rural Ugandan Households and Businesses PDF
Murphy, F. Capacity Remuneration for Revenue Sufficiency in the Australian National Electricity Market with High Renewable Energy Penetrations  
Nikolopoulos, A. Coordinating Generation and Transmission Investment for High Renewable Penetrations in the NEM PDF
Purnell, K. Electrified Transport Opportunities for Low Carbon Mobility in Australian Cities PDF
Tang, R. Generating Residential PV Production and Electricity Consumption Scenarios via Generative Adversarial Networks


Young, S. Impacts of PV System Configuration, Retail Tariffs and Annual Household Consumption on Payback Times for Residential Battery Energy Storage PDF
Zhao, H. The Impact of Electricity Price Policy on the Economic Performance of Distributed Building Photovoltaic Systems across China PDF
Anderson, K.Off-River Pumped Hydro – Site Searching Method and Results 
Asselineau, C. A.Resistive Thermal Energy Storage: an Electricity Storage Alternative for the Australian GridPDF
Blakers, A.Solar photovoltaics is the only practical path to climate stabilizationPDF
Cheng, C.100% Renewable Electricity and Electrified Land Transport in AustraliaPDF
Dargaville, R.PV and CSP price sensitivity in a 100% renewable electricity scenarioPDF
Depoorter, V.A forecasting system with a range of technologies to optimally forecast solar generation at different time-scales 
Dore, J.Cover the Roof! The Simple Guide to Rooftop PV SizingPDF
Fletcher, J.Geospatial and Temporal Visualisation of Low-Voltage Energy Network Data 
Grant, I.Enhancements to the Bureau of Meteorology’s Satellite-Derived Gridded Solar Resource Data 
Gorman, N.Open-source software for assessing utility-scale renewable performance in the Australian NEM 
Jiang, Y.Suitability of Electrochemical Energy Storage Technologies for Ramp-Rate Control of PV Power 
Joshi, B.Improving the accuracy of solar irradiance forecasts based on Numerical Weather Prediction using variables from multiple vertical layers as machine learning inputsPDF
Lu, B.Modelling of Integration of Electric Vehicles and Heat Pumps in the Australian National Electricity MarketPDF
Lusis, P.Optimal operation of an isolated microgrid with battery storage using semidefinite programmingPDF
Macgill, I. Facilitating demand-side participation in the NEM – aggregating up and sending market prices downPDF
Marshall, L.Market Design Barriers to Renewable Energy in the National Electricity Market 
Meng, K.Wind Farm Grid Connection Studies and Field Testing Solutions in UNSW 
Murphy, F.Revenue Sufficiency for Flexible Resources in the Australian NEM With High Renewable Energy Penetrations 
Nadolny, A.Water consumption in a renewable National Electricity MarketPDF
Rahman, M.A Novel Fault Ride-Through Technique for Grid-Connected Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic Inverter 
Ramamurthy, J.Powering Melbourne Zoo’s Sustainability Message with Printed Solar 
Stocks, M.Development of a Cost Model for Pumped Hydro Energy StoragePDF
Stringer, N.Review of voltage management approaches and network regulation: who pays and how?PDF
Weerasinghe, N. Cost Reduction Potentials in BIPV Process – A Literature ReviewPDF
Yang, Y.An Analysis of Solar and Wind Resources for Building a Hybrid PV and Wind Power PlantPDF
Zapata, J. Capacity Expansion Model and OptimisationPDF
Stream – Solar Heating and Cooling, Low Carbon Living
Peer Reviewed Papers
Author Title Presentation                     
Bany Mousa, O. Solar Energy for Industrial Rooftops: An Economic and Environmental Optimization PDF
Goldsworthy, M. Air-conditioner Use Prediction from Smart Meter Data  
Parker, J. Utilisation of ISO9806:2017 in Global Solar Certification PDF
Rahimpoura, Z. Using Thermal Inertia of Buildings with Phase Change Material for Demand Response  
Seddegh, S. Solar Thermal Storage Systems Using Phase Change Material: Design Criteria  
Severino, J. Stability Testing of a Phase Change Material for Refrigeration Applications PDF
Wijeratne, W. Professional PV Design and Management Systems: Effects of PV on the Cooling Load of Buildings PDF
Author Title Presentation                       
Anderson, T. Improving Thermal Comfort Regulating Potential in Naturally Ventilated Residential House PDF
Bell, N. The Impact of Changing Weather Data on Building Performance Simulation PDF
Duke, M. Solar Energy in Industrial Water “Integration and Decision Support for End User Needs” PDF
Dunstan, C. Balancing solar PV output with air conditioning pre-cooling & electricity Demand Management.  
 Sethuvenkatraman, S. Echuca solar cooling system assessment using IEA SHC Task 53 Framework  
 Sproul, A. PV/T research at UNSW  
Stream – Concentrating Solar Power
Peer Reviewed Papers
 Sedighi, M.A Preliminary Analysis for Development
of a High-Temperature Gas-Phase Solar Receiver
Author Title Presentation                                            

Alipourtarzanagh, E.

Experimental Investigation of the Interaction of the Flow inside and Outside a Cavity Receiver PDF

Anderson, T.

Structural Deformation of Sandwich Composite Heliostats


Anderson, T.

The Effect of Wind on the Performance Natural Draft Dry Cooling Towers in an Inline Arrangement


Asselineau, C-A.

Sodium Receivers: State-of-the-Art and Future Developments


Collins, M.

Technologies and Design Considerations for Low Cost Small Heliostats


Duniam, S.

Dry cooling system options for the sCO2 Brayton cycle for concentrated solar power plants


Farrant, D.

Heliostat Tracking Sensors for Concentrating Solar Thermal


Ghanadi, F.

Reduction in convective heat loss from a bladed receiver using an air curtain


Gurgenci, H.

How deployment ready is CST supercritical CO2 power generation technology


Iyer, S.

On Microlayer Growth in Liquid Metal Boiling Flows

Jacob, R. Ternary Eutectic Chloride Salt BaCl2-KCl-NaCl for High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage  
Jafarian, M. An innovative configuration of two interconnected bubble reactors for pneumatic circulation of a high temperature liquid  
Jafarian, M. Thermodynamic assessment of the hybridisation of a mid-temperature process with concentrated solar thermal energy  
Jafarian, M. Selection of the heat transfer medium for heating various gases in a solar bubble receiver  
Kumar, A. Radiation absorption characteristics of a multistage free-falling particle receiver  
Lee, K. L. The Influence of Temperature Distribution and Wind Speed on the Losses from a Heated Cavity PDF
Li, L. Application of a Compound Parabloic Concentrator to a Multi-Source High-Flux Solar Simulator  
Li, L. Optical Design of a Heliostat Field for a High-Temperature Receiver-Reactor  
Liu, M.
Evaluation of the Thermal Performance and Cost of Cascade PCMs and Hybrid PCM/Graphite Storage Systems for Concentrated Solar Power Plants
Lock, A.
Investigation of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Air-cooled Heat Exchangers for Application in CST Power Cycles
Meybodi, M. A study on the Economic Viability of Hybrid Solar-Biomass Systems  
Naufal, A. Integration of concentrated solar thermal energy into gibbsite calcination process PDF
Park, J. Development of Concentrating Solar Thermal System for 250C High Temperature Steam Generation  
Pye, J. Reconfiguring and rethinking tubular receivers: findings from the Bladed Receivers with Active Airflow project  
Riahi, S. Modelling a Hybrid Sensible-Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System for CSP Plants  
Sedighi, M. A preliminary analysis for development of a high-temperature gas-phase solar receiver  
Torres, J. Convective and radiative heat losses from a bladed receiver  
Tsuda, K. Thermal stability of a porous multilayer absorber for CSP applications  
Wang, Y. Camera-based measurement of reflection and emission from complex receiver shapes  
Will, G. & Steinberg, T. Materials Issues Associated with TES for CSP Applications PDF
Stream – Solar Fuels & Chemistry
Peer Reviewed Papers
Dawson, A.

A Concentrated Solar Process for the Production of Renewable Hydrogen from Waste Water Streams

Author Title Presentation                                            
Bayon, A.

Annual performance of a hydrogen production plant based on CeO2 thermochemical cycle: effect of plant location

 Beck, F.

Solar-to-hydrogen efficiency limits for solar water splitting with tandem solar cells

 Chinnici, A.

Direct Integration of Carbon-free Fuels with Concentrated Solar Radiation

de la Calle, A. Annual Performance of a Solar Reforming Plant Integrated in the Alumina Process  
Gao, X.

Stability of Earth Abundant Redox Materials for Efficient Thermochemical Production of Solar Fuels

Hamidi, M.

Solar Thermochemical Energy Storage Based on Iron–Manganese Oxide in a Packed Bed Reactor

Hangi, M.

Numerical Study of Mass Transfer Characteristics in a Structured Packed Bed of Porous Spherical Particles for Use in Solar Thermochemical Reactors

Jiang, Y.

Suitability of Electrochemical Energy Storage Technologies for Ramp-Rate Control of PV Power


Ghose, K.K., Page, A. 

BaZrO3 Perovskite for Solar Thermal Water Splitting Applications: High Temperature Redox Thermochemistry

Rhabari, A. System-Level Modelling of Methanol Production through Solar-Driven Supercritical Water Gasification of Algal Biomass  
Richardson, D. Scaling Methods for High Rate TiO2 Nanotube Anodes for Short Time-Scale PV Buffering  
Li, S. Revisiting Efficiency Limits of Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production by Non-stoichiometric Ceria-based Redox Cycling  
Sharma, A. Integrated tandem solar cells for low cost and high efficiency solar water splitting  
Shirazi, A. Dynamic Modelling of a Solar-Driven Fuel System through Gasification-Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis  
Venkataraman, M. Future prospects of zero carbon iron making in Australia: The economic and technical challenges PDF
Venkataraman, M. Modelling an On-Sun Receiver/Reactor for Supercritical Water Gasification of Algae PDF
Wang, B. Thermal Model of a Solar Thermochemical Reactor for Metal Oxide Reduction PDF
Stream – Solar Energy Solutions for Emerging Economies
Peer Reviewed Papers
Author Title Presentation            
Prakash, V. Solar Energy for Clean Water Access in Fiji  
Prasad, R. Role  of  Solar  Photovoltaics  in  Future  Electricity  Generation  in  Fiji PDF
Small, D. Delivery  of  Energy  Services  in  Unfamiliar  Contexts:  Learnings  from  Fiji  
Author Title Presentation                       
Corkish, R. UNSW Énergie Renouvelable Vanuatu PDF
Elmaddah, E. Assessment  of  a  Solar  Parabolic  Trough Power  Plant  with  Grid  Integration in Egypt  
Gawler, R. Modelling of Isolated Solar PV Households with Battery Energy Storage PDF
 Shakya,B. Characterisation  of  Energy  Services  for Maximising  Energy  Access  Outcomes with Renewable  Energy PDF
 Singh, N. Techno-economic  Study  of  Solar  Lighting  Systems  for  Rural  Communities  
Wang, C. Economic  viability  of  an  international transmission  network  in  Australasia PDF
Presentations – IEA
Fong, K.C.Progress of IBC Si solar cellsPDF
Presentations – ACAP
Fong, K.C.Progress of IBC Si solar cellsPDF
Lu, J.Molecular engineering for high efficiency
and stable perovskite solar cells
Mitchell, V.Amphiphilic block copolymers for
morphology control in organic solar cells