Proceedings APSRC 2016

ISBN and Citation

2016 APSRC Program_FINAL


The presentations are available via Drop Box here. Not all are available as some presenters did not wish them to be made public.


These have been presented at the APSRC 2016 as either a poster or an oral. They are sorted in alphabetical order according to Stream. First look through the program to find papers you are interested, then download them from the author list below.

Stream – Photovoltaic Devices
Barker, W.
Chang, Y.
Liu, S.

Stream – Solar energy systems, integration and deployment
Ahmad, A.
Bowyer, J.
Copper, J.
Franklin, E.
Ghiotto, N.
Haghdadi, N.
Hungerford, Z.
Keeratimahat, K.
Killinger, S.
Madrid-Vargas, R.
Marshall, L.
Qian, J.
Rehman, N.
Roy, A.
Shakya, B.
Skryabin, I.
Wild, P.
Wyndham, J.
Young, S.

Stream – Solar Heating and Cooling Low Carbon Living
Bany Mousa, B.
Ferrari, D.
Fuller, R.
Hudson, J.
McClure, F.
McDowell, A.
Pokhrei, M.
Stanley, C.
Wang, W.

Stream – Concentrating Solar Thermal
Baldry, M.
Bisset, D.
Davis, D.
Logie. W.
Nock, I.
Riahi, S.
Uzair, M.
Wang, Y.
Zheng, M.

Stream – Solar and Renewable Energy Services
Liu, Z.
Lo, W.

Stream – Solar Energy in the Asia-Pacific
Enano, N.
George, D.
Shen, X.