Proceedings APSRC 2019

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2019 APSRC Program

Papers were presented at the APSRC 2019 as either a poster or an oral. Some were submitted as full peer reviewed papers and some only as abstracts.

For each Stream, the following lists the abstracts and peer reviewed papers, all sorted alphabetically by lead author. Where available, the presentation or poster pdf will has been provided after the conference. You can look through the program to find papers you are interested in, then download them from the author list below.

The Plenary Speaker presentations can be found here.

The presentations at the AIRAH Stream can be found here.

Stream – Photovoltaic Devices
Author Title Slides
Angmo, D. Scalable, Stable, and Reproducible Roll-to-roll Processed Perovskite Solar Cells  
Bhoopathy, R. Outdoor non-contact measurement of pseudo I-V curves of solar cells in a module  
Bing, J. Deconstruction-assisted perovskite formation for sequential solution processing of Cs0.15(MA0.7FA0.3)0.85PbI3 solar cells and the effect of chloride additive PDF
Bullock, J. Low temperature metal oxide/fluoride passivated contacts for crystalline silicon solar cells  
Buratti, Y. Inversion of the Shockley-Read-Hall Equation Using Random Forests  
Chan, K. Electrical Circuit Analogues of Third-Generation Solar Cells  
Chang, N. How low can they go? The drivers and uncertainties of future cSi PV module cost  
Chantler, R. A Case Study on the mechanical integrity of printed sola films  
Chen, D. An Analysis of Light-Induced Degradation in p-type Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells  
Chen, D. Light- and Elevated Temperature-Induced Degradation (LeTID): The Past, the Present and what Lies Ahead PDF
Cheng, Y. Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells  
Cho, Y. Efficiency improvement by aging process and passivation treatment in perovskite solar cells  
Cook, A. Effect of Lewis Base Strength on Passivation of Perovskite Solar Cells  
Duan, L. Simultaneously Enhancing the Performance and Stability of Organic Solar Cells by Interfacial Engineering  
Dubajic, M. Detailed Phonon Dynamics Approach Reveals Origins of the Hot Carrier Effect in Perovskites PDF
Eijkens, C.A. Process Optimization of Commercial Solar Cell Manufacturing Using Machine Learning  
Ekins-Daukes, N. Enhancing Silicon Solar Cells Using Singlet Fission  
Ekins-Daukes, N. High Efficiency III-V Solar Cells : Present Status and Future Prospects for Space Satellites and Terrestrial Applications PDF
Ernst, M. Impact of (Multi-) Busbar Design on the PERC Cell-to-Module Yield under Realistic Conditions PDF
Evans, R. Qualification testing of a new light-weight polymer based photovoltaic modules PDF
Fei, F. An Investigation on the Effect of Aluminium Back-Contacts on LeTID During Firing  
Fell, C. Progress on Standards for PV Performance Measurement PDF
Fong, K.C. Fabrication and Comparison of Bifacial to mono-facial Si Solar Cells  
Gao, Y. Developing PbS colloidal quantum dot tandem solar cells  
Ghasemi, M. Developing High Performance Lead-Free Double Perovskite Cs2AgBiBr6 in a Low Cost Planar Structure  
Granados, L. Direct determination of total hemispherical emittance of perovskite and silicon solar cells and its influence in BIPV glazing heat transfer  
Hamdan, M. Environmental Impacts Associated With Photovoltaic Electricity From Crystalline Silicon And CdTe Modules Under Various Energy Supply Options  
Hamer, P. Biased Annealing for Industrial Mitigation of LeTID in Multicrystalline PERC Silicon Solar Cells PDF
Holman, Z Polycrystalline CdSeTe Solar Cells with Implied Open-Circuit Voltage of 965 mV  
Hossain, M.A. Improving the Conductivity of TiO for Reducing Contact Resistivity with Silicon: A First-Principles Study and Experimental Demonstation  
Hossain, M.I. Annealing effects on the metal oxide film properties for energy conversion devices  
Hsiao, P. Thermomechanical Stress in Glass-Glass Modules of Half Silicon Solar Cells Interconnected by Conventional Tabbing  
Jafari, S. Trapping in multi-crystalline silicon wafers: The impact of firing and laser treatment  
Jasieniak, J.J. Spiro-OMeTAD-Free Semi-Transparent Perovskite Solar Cells PDF
Jones, T.W. Local Strain Heterogeneity Influences Non-Radiative Recombination in Perovskite Films PDF
Kim, J. Elucidating of Humidity Effect during Processing on the Slot Die Coated Perovskite Solar Cells  
Kunz, O. Investigating metal-semiconductor contacts in solar cells using magnetic field imaging PDF
Le, A.H.T. Effect of the metal work function on the recombination in passivating contacts using QSSPL  
Lee, D.S. Grain Quality Engineering for Organic Metal halide Perovskites Using Mixed Anti-Solvent Spraying Treatment  
Lee, D.S. Unveiling the Importance of Precursor Preparation for Highly Efficient and Stable PEAbased Perovskite Solar Cells PDF  
Lennon, A. The New Age of Silicon Photovoltaic Modules: Optimisation with Half cells, Ribbons, Films, Wires … PDF
Li, Y. Effects of Measurement Equipment on Rating of Photovoltaics Modules of Different Designs  
Li, Z. Contactless and Non-destructive Determination of Dopant Profiles of Localized Boron-Diffused Regions in Silicon Wafers at Room Temperature PDF
Liang, W. Enhanced surface passivation of TiOx with Al doping  
Mai, L. Technology transfer – challenges and learnings – A SIRF case study  
McCann, M. Modules in Australia: What are we really buying? PDF
Nguyen, H.T. Luminescence: science and applications in silicon photovoltaics PDF
Pusch, A. A visual guide to light trapping limits and design principles  
Radhwi, H. The Possible Effect of Crystal Defects in Hot Carrier Solar Cells  
Rey, G. Photoluminescence imaging of top-layer non uniformity in solar cells PDF
Rougieux, F.E. Imaging persistent photoconductivity in solar cells PDF
Ruan, S. Light induced Degradation in Mixed-Halide Perovskites  
Samadi, A. Effects of Dark Annealing in Cast-Mono Silicon  
Sang, B. Investigation of Atomic Layer Deposited Al-TiOx as Passivating Contacts on Silicon Solar cells  
Seif, J.P. Temperature-dependent Suns-Voc and Suns-PL method for advanced characterization of solar cells  
Sen, C. Different Extent and Behaviour of LeTID in the Past and Current PERC Silicon Solar Cells  
Shen, H. High efficiency interlayer-free, monolithic perovskite/Si tandem cells  
Shi, L. The Effect of Pressing Pressure on the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells PDF
Siu, V. An incomplete ionization model for indium in silicon  
Stuckelberger, J. Industrial Solar Cells Featuring Carrier Selective Front Contacts  
Tabernig, S.W. Light management for absorption enhancement in PbS quantum dot solar cells  
Tan, W.L. Oriented Attachment for Microstructural Evolution in Chloride-Derived Hybrid Perovskite Films  
Tang, S. How much Caesium is enough in Perovskite Solar Cells?  
Tebyetekerwa, M. Maximum Possible Open-Circuit Voltages in Atomic-Thin Layered Semiconductors PDF
Tjahjono, B. Industry Outlook of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells and Modules  
Truong, T. Effects of hydrogenation on poly-Si/SiOx passivating contacts for silicon solar cells PDF
Wang, C. Characterization of the microstructure of spin-coated and blade coated all-polymer solar cells  
Wang, S. Field-effect Passivation Characteristics of Black Silicon with Extreme Surface Features  
Weerasinghe, H. Towards Highly Efficient Roll-to-Roll Printed Perovskite Modules  
Wu, H.(J). A Study on Amorphous Silicon Lifetime, Hydrogen Effusion and Passivation Quality  
Wu, Y. Fabrication of the monolithic perovskite/c-Si tandem solar cells using industrially relevant approach PDF
Yun, J.S. Probing Nanoscale Defects in Emerging Photovoltaic Materials using Scanning Probe Microscopy  
Zhang, M.F. Temperature Dependence of the Optical Properties of Silicon Nitride Anti Reflection Coating  
Zhang, Y. Black Silicon Characterisation with Advanced Electron Microscopy Techniques  
Zhang, Z. Photon Amplifying Down-converter as the Contactless Top Cell for Tandem Devices  
Zheng, J. Large area 3% monolithic perovskite/homo-junction-silicon tandem solar cell with enhanced UV stability using down-shifting material  
Zuo, C. Crystallization Control in Drop-Cast Quasi-D Perovskites for Efficient Solar Cells  
Peer Reviewed Papers
Warner, T.Reducing Quantum Dot Aggregation in Luminescent Solar ConcentratorsPDF
Stream – Solar Deployment and Integration
Author Title Slides
Blakers, A. 100% renewables and rapid emissions reductions PDF  
Cheng, C. Electrified land transport and low temperature heating in Australia PDF 
Dargaville, R. Large-scale Transmission Augmentation Under High Renewable Energy Penetration Scenarios  
Evans, R. Harvesting photons using High Ground Coverage Ratio approaches PDF 
Evans, R. Validation of assembly and deployment quality for a pre-fabricated PV array PDF  
Garcia-Guarin, J. Multi-objective optimization of smart grids considering environments with uncertainty  
Grant, I. A Comprehensive Quality Assessment of the Bureau of Meteorology’s Satellite Gridded Solar Data  
Guthrie, K. The PV Heat Island Effect – What Is It? Is It A Problem For Horticulture and Dairy Farming? PDF  
Haghdadi, N. Economic Analysis of Residential Photovoltaic Systems in Australia PDF  
Horsley, J. Static Wind Loading on Ground-Mounted East-West Solar Farms PDF  
Lal, N. Policy Options to Support DER Integration – Lessons from the $1.3bn Solar Homes Program in Victoria, Australia  
Lee, T. Weather Data and Climate Data: Updates and Enhancements PDF  
Lu, B. Storage and “Super Grid”: the Key to 100% Renewable Energy PDF  
O’Neill, D. Electric Vehicles and V2G technology in future grids PDF  
Rahman, M.M. A Case study and Experience On Large Scale Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic Plant Integration in Australia PDF  
Roberts, M. Home energy management and automation: Prosumer attitudes and behaviour PDF  
Shahbazgahrouei, K. Impact of Imposing Carbon Price on Transition Rate to Renewable Sources in Australia  
Shetty, K. Automated Performance Monitoring of Multiple Rooftop Systems using a Single Machine Learning Algorithm  
Stocks, M. Global Atlas of Pumped Hydro Storage to Support High Penetration of Renewable Energy PDF  
Tam, D. Valuation Strategies for Utility Energy Battery Storage in the NEM  
Yang, Y. The Impact of Weather Forecasting on Battery Optimisation for Hybrid Power Plants PDF  
Yildiz, B. Control of domestic electric hot water storage tanks for improving PV self-consumption  
Young, S. Distributed PV curtailment in Australian distribution networks and costs to consumers  
Young, S. The Effects of Utility Scale Solar Generation on Australian Electricity Wholesale Market Pricing  
Zhou, H.S. Case Study on the Behaviour of Battery Energy Storage Systems during Network Demand Peaks PDF  
Peer Reviewed Papers
Author Title Slides
Gorman, N. Multi-factor Sensitivity Analysis Tool for Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements from an End-User Perspective  
Heywood, P. Historical Market Trends of Distributed Photovoltaic Inverters in Australia PDF  
Marshall, L. Development of an Open AI Energy Market Simulator for Deep Learning PDF  
Shahbazgahrouei, K. Impact of Imposing Carbon Price on Transition Rate to Renewable Sources in Australia  
Sharma, A. Analyzing Economic Benefits of Installing Rooftop PV on Real Apartments Buildings PDF  
Yang, R.J. Modelling economic viability of facade-integrated photovoltaic applications in non-domestic buildings  
Stream – Solar Heating and Cooling, Low Carbon Living
Author Title Slides
Ahmad, A. A Platform to Analyse Controllers for Domestic Solar Water Heating  
Bany Mousa, O. Global emission assessment of local manufactured solar technologies
Clift, D.H. Using Domestic Hot Water Heaters as Thermal Storage At A Network Scale PDF  
Ozansoy, C. Solar energy in industrial water “System integration and decision support for end user needs”  
Peer Reviewed Papers
Begg, A.Investigating the Thermal Comfort of Aboriginal Housing in Walgett, NSW & Identifying Opportunities for ImprovementPDF  
Bell, N.Commercial Building Shape and Orientation: Impact on BIPV Energy Generation and HVAC DemandPDF
Heslop, S.Temporal patterns of residential air conditioning consumption in Australia’s eastern capital citiesPDF  
Ho, B.Exploration of K-means Neural Network for Residential Load Profile Decomposition by AppliancePDF  
Lehmann, A.Ultraviolet Light Management in Building Integrated Solar Lighting SystemsPDF  
Li, Y.Residential Peak Demand Management of Space Cooling Systems Through Thermal Storage and rooftop PV in Brisbane 
Paing, S.T.Modelling and experimental validation of natural convection heat loss from a solar hot water storage tankPDF  
Sedzro, D.The Effect of Parapets on Roof Mounted Solar CollectorsPDF  
Stream – Concentrating Solar Power
Author Title Slides
Abbasi, B. Modular, Portable, and Scalable Solar Desalination System for Highly-Saline Water  
Armijo, K. Design Basis for a 2.0MWth Liquid-HTF Pilot-Scale CSP System  
Beath, A. Application of Particle Technology to Solar Reforming for Fuel Production  
Beath, A. Evaluation of CSP Opportunities in Australian Electricity Networks  
Chen, J. Radiative Transfer in a Free-Falling Particle Receiver PDF  
Coventry, J. ANU’s high-temperature sodium laboratory PDF  
Coventry, J. Camera-based monitoring of soiling of mirrors PDF  
Coventry, J. Test plans for the ASTRI sodium receiver PDF  
Ehsan, M.M. Performance Study of a Dry-Cooled supercritical CO2 Cycle Integrated with Solar Tower  
Emes, M. Wind Load Design Considerations and Stowing Strategies for a Heliostat Field PDF  
Fontalvo, A. System level simulation in small scale molten salt CSP under mechanical constraints  
Haseli, P. Thermal properties and thermal stability of the binary Na2CO3-K2CO3 system for high temperature thermal energy storage PDF  
Jacob, R. Thermal Batteries: A Preliminary Assessment of Technologies and Cost  
Jafarian, M. Application of a molten metal catalyst in solar hybrid sulphur cycle for hydrogen production  
Kim, J. ASTRI particle receiver technology: research progress and on-sun test plan  
Li, L. Optical design, optimization and economics of a solar polar-field tower system with an optional compound parabolic concentrator  
Moerenhout, L. Preliminary Measurements of particle mass flow rate and curtain opacity in a falling particle solar receiver  
Riahi, S. Applying Magnetic Field to Control the Melt Motion in a PCM Thermal Battery  
Riahi, S. Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers as a Highly Efficient Alternative for CSP Plants  
Rummana, R. Phase Change and Formation of Interfaces of SS 316 in PCM Salt Bath  
Saldivia Salazar, D. A Novel Receiver Concept for Solid Storage Mediums in Concentrated Solar Thermal plants PDF  
Saw, W. Technical Feasibility Study of Pneumatic Conveying System for a Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant  
Sedaghatizadeh, N. Assessment of a potential method to control particle egress from a falling particle receiver  
Sedighi, M. A Preliminary Heat Transfer Analysis of High Temperature Volumetric receiver  
Severino, J. A Low-Cost Method for Determining Molten Salt Density  
Steinberg, T.A. Material compatibility and degradation mechanisms for the next generation of Concentrated Solar Power Plants  
Tang, Y. Mitigating Particle Egress through the Aperture of an Open Solar Vortex Receiver  
Truong-Ba, H. Optimising Maintenance Staffing for a CSP plant PDF  
Wang, S. Enhancement of performance of a cavity receiver on a solar tower system by employing spillage skirts and secondary reflectors PDF  
Wang, Y. Incorporation of Solstice Ray-tracing into Numerical Modelling of CSP Systems PDF  
Wang, Y. Test Results for Camera-based Measurement of Reflection from a Multi-Cavity Receiver  
Yin, Y. Chemical and Structural Degradation of SS 316 Thermal-Cycled in Chloride/Carbonate Bath PDF  
Peer Reviewed Papers
Meybodi, Mehdi A.The Impact of Time Resolution in Typical Year Data on the Predicted Performance of CSP Systems
Potter, D.Simulation of a demonstration high temperature liquid sodium receiver with HeliosimPDF
Stream – Solar Fuels & Chemistry
Author Title Slides
Blakers, A. HVDC pricks the hydrogen bubble  
Ghose, K.K. Electronic Structure and High-Temperature Thermochemistry of BaZrO3-d Perovskite from First-Principles Calculations  
Karuturi, S. III-V Semiconductor Photoelectrodes for Solar Water Splitting  
Metha, G.F. Photocatalytic Water-Splitting under Concentrating Radiation  
Nadolny, A. Sustainable carbon sources for industrial applications PDF  
Saw, W.L. Technical Assessment of Integrated Concentrating Solar Thermal into the Bayer Alumina Process PDF  
Sharma, A. Optimizing Thermal and Electrical Integration of PV for Solar Hydrogen Generation  
Silakhori, M. High temperature solar thermal energy storage system with metal oxides PDF  
Wang, C. Optimising Geospatial Distribution of Hydrogen Production in Australia, Integrated Vs. Centralised  
Yates, J. Techno-economic analysis of PV driven Hydrogen electrolysis – key drivers to economic feasibility  
Stream – Solar Energy Solutions for Emerging Economies
Author Title Slides
Chandra, A. A Techno-economic Study of Rooftop GCPV Systems in Fiji PDF  

Peer Reviewed Papers
Djamal, B.Predicting the yield of a single slope solar still: A comparison of modelsPDF  
McLeod, L. Continued Lessons from ARENA’s RAR Portfolio: Tranche of NT SETuP  
Rawali, M. Electricity Access Challenges and Solar Energy Opportunities in Papua New Guinea