Proceedings APSRC 2020

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2020 APSRC Program

Extended abstracts were presented at the APSRC 2020 as either an oral or a poster. They are listed below according to Stream, and are sorted alphabetically by lead author.

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Stream – Photovoltaic Devices
Abdullah-Vetter, Z.Localisation of Solar Cell Defects in Luminescence Images using Deep Learning 
Bing, J.Understanding how chlorine additive in a dynamic sequential process affects FA0.3MA0.7PbI3 perovskite film growth for solar cell applicationPDF
Bremner, S.Integrating III-V materials for high performance and novel PV Applications 
Bremner, S.Numerical simulation of metal oxide hole selective contacts for III-VSi tandem solar cell 
Buratti, Y.Deep Learning on Electroluminescence Images for End-of-Line Binning of Full and Half-Cut Cells 
Chandrasekaran, N.Role on Methylammonium Lead Bromide on Microstructure, Photophysics, and Device Performance in Triple Cation based Perovskite Solar Cells 
Chang, N.Techno-economic analysis of Silicon Perovskite Tandem cells 
Chen, D.Examining Surface-Related Degradation – An Emerging Issue for Commercial Silicon Solar Cells 
Cheong Sio, H.The Role of Dark Annealing In Light And Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation 
Dai, X.Improved Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cell Using Reduced Graphene Oxide Modified SnO2 
Duan, L.Surface Passivation enabled by Atomic Layer Deposited Ultra-Thin Titanium Oxide for High-efficiency Organic Solar Cells 
Dubajic, M.The role of the organic cation in acoustic phonons and hot carrier properties of lead bromide perovskites 
Egan, R.Australian PV Market Trends 
Egan. R.Lifetime in the Field – Technology Transfer, Manufacturing and Field Performance of CSG Solar Modules 
Ekins-Daukes, N.Next Generation III-V Multi-Junction Solar Cells For Aerospace Applications 
Fell, C.Module testing round robin results – Does CSIRO’s PV lab really perform 
Huy Tuan Le, A.Temperature-dependent performance of polysilicon passivating contacts and their solar cells 
Ibarra, J.Dopant-free electron heterocontacts for silicon solar cells 
Jafari, S.Boron-oxygen-related traps in Czochralski grown silicon 
Jiang, J.Y.Thermal Performance of Singlet Fission and Tandem Solar Cells 
Juhl, M.Trapping in photoconductance data taken on solar grade silicon 
Kampwerth, H.Photoreflectance (PR) Photothermal Deflection Spectrometry (PDS) for new Material Research 
Kang, D.Firing Stability of Phosphorus Doped Polysilicon Passivation 
Kim, M.A new universal metric called the relative defect concentration, β in c-Si solar cells 
Lee-Chin, R.Insights into Surface Recombination of Polycrystalline Perovskite Films via Injection-Dependent Lifetime Analysis 
Li, J.Defect control for 12.5% efficiency Cu2ZnSnSe4 kesterite thin-film solar cells by engineering of local chemical environment 
Lunardi, M.Sustainable End of Life Management of PV Solar Photovoltaic Waste – The Impact of Transportation 
Michalska, M.The Impact Of Ligand Engineering On Low Temperature NiO Hole Transporting Materials For Perovskite Solar Cells 
Moore, J.Improving Photoluminescence Imaging using Non-uniform Illumination 
Nie, S.Temperature-dependent Characterization of Si-SiO2 Interface Passivation for Corona Charged Oxides 
Rey, G.Outdoor PL Imaging of Photovoltaic Modules at Constant Operating Point 
Rougieux, F.Accurate Solar Cell Efficiency From First Principle 
Sharma, A.Design requirements imposed on advanced solar cell concepts by sparse solar photon flux 
Shi, L.A.Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analyses of encapsulated stable perovskite solar cells 
Stuckelberger, J.Impact of Pre-Annealing on Industrially LPCVD Deposited PolySi Hole-selective Contacts 
Tabernig, S.Carrier collection in optically resonant nanostructures for quantum dot solar cells 
Truong, T.Doped Poly-SiSiOx Passivating Contacts Hydrogenation and Its Mechanisms 
Varshney, U.Light-Induced Degradation And Recovery In Multicrystalline Silicon Dependence On Wafer Thickness 
Vicari Stefani, B.P-type Czochralski Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells with High and Stable Open-circuit Voltage 
Wang, L.A short time and low temperature bias annealing process to suppress LeTID on cast-mono p-type PERC solar cells 
Yang, W.Amorphous silicon based electronically-coupled upconverters for crystalline silicon solar cells 
Zhang, S. (M.F.)A Post-Mortem Investigation of Cell-Level Degradation in Field SHJ Modules 
Stream – Solar Deployment and Integration
Boland, J.Forecasting solar radiation and farm power using combined seasonality and autoregressive model 
Corkish, R.UNSWERV – Engineering Students Helping Out while Learning through Practice 
Ekins-Daukes, N.The Potential For Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics In Australia 
Horsley, J.Numerical Simulation of Wind Loading on Ground-Mounted East-West Solar Farms 
Jeffrey, T.Pathways for Essential Action in the NSW Energy Sector 
Kunz, O.Alpha-Prototype Outdoor Photoluminescence Imaging Tool for Solar Module Field Testing 
Lal, N.Essential Power System Services with Very High Levels of Renewable Energy with Principles for DER Interaction 
Lu, B.A Zero-Carbon Asia-Pacific Super Grid 
Mears, A.Managing distributed energy resources on low-voltage networks 
Munro, J.Modelling Generator Bidding Behaviour in the National Electricity Market 
Nadolny, A.Rapid reductions in passenger transport embodied and operational emissions 
Nassar, A.Improving Productivity of Cropland through Agrivoltaics 
Purnell, K.Electrified Public Transit- A Global Estimation Tool on the Impact at the Small and Large Electricity Grid Scales 
Stringer, N.Decentralisation Framework-An approach to mapping power system transition 
Thummachart, W.Annual Projection of PV End-of-Life Volume and Hazardous Materials in Australia Until 2050 
Vermeer, D.DC AC inverter oversizing ratio – what is the optimal ratio for Australian solar farmsPDF
Zhou, H.S.Aggregated impact of coordinated commercial-scale BESS and financial outcome 
Stream – Solar Buildings and Solar Heating and Cooling
Abdul-Hameed, N.Verification of ClimateCypher Climate Data Outputs with System Advisor 
Adeyina, D.A Parametric Study of Passive House Design in a Sub-tropical Climate 
Anderson, G.Updating Australia’s Reference Meteorological Years with the addition of Hourly Precipitation Data 
Djamal, B.Numerical and Experimental validation of natural convection inside single slope solar still 
Fung, Y.Y.Effect of Energy Efficiency Rating of Dwellings on Sale Prices in the ACT 1999-2020 
Lee, T.Updating Australia’s Reference Meteorological Years with the addition of Hourly Precipitation Data 
Nyamutswa, L.Survey of technologies for formulating guidelines for decision-making support to end-users 
Paing, S.T.Improved thermal performance during standby period with baffles placed inside solar hot water storage tanks 
Panagiotidou, M.The solar energy potential of window-mounted semi-transparent PV in the urban environment 
Sedzro, D.Thermal performance of unglazed roof-mounted solar thermal collectors 
Tehrani, S.The Potential for PV Self-Consumption for Hot Water Systems in AustraliaPDF
Yang, W.Community Survey on Installation of BIPV System to residential buildings in a Chinese city 
Zhang, C.A Comparison and Classification of BIPV Application for BIPV Products Selection 
Zhao, H.Investigation on the Economic Performance of Distributed Building Photovoltaic Systems in the Urban Environment in China 
Stream – Concentrating Solar Thermal
Aghaeieybodi, M.Evaluating the Performance of CST Systems in the Grid-connected Locations 
Asselineau, C.A.Design of a heliostat field and liquid sodium cylindrical receiver for the Gen3 Liquids Pathway 
Bell, S.Material Degradation Testing and Analysis for Next Generation CSP Applications 
Flewell-Smith, R.Prototype Design of a High Temperature Phase Change Material Storage System 
Kuruneru, S.A preliminary analysis of solid-gas flows and buoyant convection through solar receivers 
Mohammadzadeh, N.Quantifying the Impact of Weather Uncertainty on Optimal Dispatch Planning 
Mukhlis, R.Technoeconomic of Solar Recycling of Alkaline Batteries for ZnZnO Recoveries 
Potter, D.Optimisiation of Multi-aperture Falling Particle Cavity Receivers and Heliostat Fields 
Purohit, S.Solar Agglomeration of Iron OresPDF
Rafique, M.M.Assessing the Role of Refractory Lining to Overcome the Solar Intermittency Challenge in Particle Receivers 
Riahi, S.Prototype Design of a Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger for Na-sCO2 
Rumman, R.Cracking Failure in a 253 MA – Weld – Haynes 230 Concentrated Solar Power Receiver 
Russell, H.Stress analysis of sCO2 Turbine Pressure Casing 
Saldivia-Salazar, D.Optical Assessment using Ray Tracing for a Beam-Down Receiver with Solid Thermal Storage 
Sedighi, M.High-Temperature Receiver with a Packed Bed of Transparent Spheres Using CFD Analysis 
Setiawan, A.Solar Carbothermic Reduction of Complex Weathered Ilmenite using Biomass 
Shaw, M.Applications for Solar Thermal Processing on the Moon and Related Challenges 
Soo Too, Y.C.Heat Transfer in Staged Moving Bed Particle Heat Exchangers 
Wang, S.An Efficient Method for Aiming Heliostats Using Ray-tracing 
Wang, S.Performance co-optimisation of a heliostat field and a cylindrical receiver 
Yin, Y.Mechanism of Degradation and Interfaces Formation of Stainless Steel Subjected to High Temperature Cycling with Phase Change Salts 
Stream – Solar Fuels & Chemistry
Alotabi, A.Stabilising the Au9 Clusters at the TiO2 Film using Chromium Oxide Layer Depends on the Stability of TiO2 Film 
Stocks, M.Emissions Reductions From Co-burning Ammonia With Coal In Japan – The Need For Green AmmoniaPDF